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Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been taken into wide use especially in building and building process management (timetables, purchases, work planning). Compared to so-called traditional design and management tools, BIM enables different parties to work with a common platform, real-time and with accurate and up-to-hour details and technical information.

The aim of BIM-ICE Project is to improve the productivity of building industry by developing competences and processes that support the use of digital tools. One of the project target groups are companies and organizations as their current needs and industry trends shape the content of future BIM education.

We invite Finnish and Russian companies to be actively involved in BIM-ICE Project implementation playing crucial role in its successful results.

What are the roles that companies can have in BIM ICE Project?

  • Participating in the project pilot BIM courses
  • Promoting your software and company services
  • Providing actual topics for students’ research and final thesis
  • Taking part in project seminars, workshops and conferences
  • Giving tasks for project development for students

What are the benefits for companies?

  • New pilot BIM courses and learning materials available
  • New possibilities in the fields of BIM research, development and implementation
  • New professional communication network in Finland and Russia
  • Promotion of your company
  • Education for staff of your company
  • Scouting for most talented students as future employees of your organization
  • Joint BIM pilot projects (your staff and students work together)

Who should I contact if my company wants to be involved?

  • If you are interested in joining the BIM ICE Project as a partner company/ organization, send us an e-mail to:  [email protected]


Our current partner companies are:

Sova3D Oy

Rakennusliike U.Lipsanen Oy

xD Visuals Oy

YIT Construction

Metropolis Company


ROSECO (in Russia)

Nodetec Oy




LATO (Lappeenrannan Toimitilat)