BIM-ICE Project standing for “BIM Integration in Higher and Continuing Education” seeks to accelerate BIM implementation in the field of construction and building design in Finland and Russia. Addressing such topical issues as lack of common terminology in the field and development phase of standardization,  lack of technical know-how and lack of competence in process development, the Project is aimed at improving productivity and quality within the construction industry by developing new training models and increasing the level of education among different target groups.

Duration: 01/04/2020 – 30/11/2022

Expected Results

In the long-term perspective the BIM-ICE Project will further sustainable methodological support of embedding BIM in higher, professional and continuing education process by means of:

  1. developing pedagogical approaches to BIM education
  2. creating digital open access platform of collected and produced materials for professionals and decision makers on different levels
  3. continuity in education and development via educating HEI staff in BIM philosophy and technicalities.

Target Groups

Students; expert and teachers; professionals; Finnish and Russian construction companies and decision makers.

Lead Partner

LAB University of Applied Science





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