BIM-ICE Project

Integration in Higher and Continuing Education

BIM-ICE Project standing for “BIM Integration in Higher and Continuing Education” seeks to accelerate BIM implementation in the field of construction and building design in Finland and Russia. Addressing such topical issues as lack of common terminology in the field and development phase of standardization,  lack of technical know-how and lack of competence in process development, the Project is aimed at improving productivity and quality within the construction industry by developing new training models and increasing the level of education among different target groups.

Target Groups

Students, experts and teachers, professionals, Finnish and Russian construction companies and decision makers.

Expected Results

In the long-term perspective the BIM ICE Project will further sustainable methodological support of embedding BIM in higher, professional and continuing education process by means of:


developing pedagogical approaches to BIM education


creating digital open access platform of collected and produced materials for professionals and decision makers on different levels


continuity in education and development via educating HEI staff in BIM philosophy and technicalities


Round table discussion 2 December 2020

The opening seminar of the BIM-ICE Project on October 29, 2020 and the round table discussion “Possibilities of Education in Promoting BIM Implementation in Companies” on December 2, 2020 were held online in Zoom and MS Teams. In the scope of the opening seminar, which gathered more than 90 participants from Finland and Russia, the

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BIMAC 2021 conference on April 21-23, 2021

The 4th International Online Conference BIM IN CONSTRUCTION & ARCHITECTURE will be organized on April 21-23, 2021. Read more about the conference here: BIMAC 2021 and fill in the registration form Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn

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BIM Championship in SPbGASU

On November 23-28, 2020 SPbGASU held the BIM-Championship ( in a distant mode. The Championship was organized in the scope of the BIM-ICE Project (WP2) as a pilot student project. 6 teams competed during the Championship: the Russian–Finnish team of SPbGASU, the SPbGASU team and teams from four other Russian universities: Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU), Tyumen Industrial

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Summer School 2020

Summer School final session on 27 August 2020 The final session of the Summer School 2020 was conducted as a live session on campus at the LAB University of Applied Sciences and an online Teams meeting with participants and staff in Russia and Finland. Nikifor Sedovin, the foreman of the Summer School, opened the session

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BIM on ICE Case Championship – Successful BIM Pilot Project with Students within BIM-ICE Project

BIM on ICE Case Championship – Successful BIM Pilot Project with Students within BIM-ICE Project BIM on ICE Case Championship ( was launched in 2020 and starting from April 2020 was realized within BIM-ICE Project WP2. Main partner of the event is the Metropolis Company ( Objectives of the case championship: Training in close cooperation

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At the time being, we are in the situation that the development in the field of BIM should consider wider educational programmes for both higher and continuing education, process development, standardization development, application development and applicability development.

BIM-ICE CBC Project provides an opportunity to develop educational processes required for the ongoing change in the industry and to create an innovative network, governed by the leading BIM-universities cross-border, to benefit whole project area.


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Project Manager
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Communication Manager
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Communication Manager
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