Project documents

BIM-ICE Data privacy notice 1/10/2020 (pdf)

BIM-ICE Data privacy notice BIM-questionnaire 14/10/2020 (pdf)

Materials of the events

BIM-ICE Opening seminar 29/10/2020 presentations

BIM-ICE Project – Eliisa Punttila, LAB (pdf)

Introduction and Current state of BIM in Finland – Timo Lehtoviita, LAB (pdf)

Current state of BIM in Russia – Iurii Stolbikhin, SPbGASU (pdf)

Educational collaboration in the BIM-ICE project – Jarno Rautiainen, LAB (pdf)



Marketing materials

BIM-ICE Brochure


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Eliisa Punttila

Project Manager
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Anna-Riitta Pettinen

Communication Manager

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Svetlana Petrova

Communication Manager
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