SPb Gasu students take part in the BIM-ICE project

SPbGASU students developed digital prototypes of the engineering systems for a public health facility in the scope of BIM ICE Project

Summer practice for SPbGASU 3rd and 4th-year students brought fruitful results. Students representing Department of Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation (https://www.spbgasu.ru/en/About/Departments/heat_gas_supply_ventilation/), Department of Water Use and Environment (https://www.spbgasu.ru/en/About/Departments/Department_of_water_use_and_ecology/), Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Municipal Services, developed digital engineering systems prototypes for the public health facility to be constructed on the territory of the Russian Federation. This simulation practice project was carried out in the scope of the WP 2 of BIM ICE Project under supervision of SPbGASU expert team.

Project participants applied AutodeskRevit software and in some cases MagiCAD, it enabled them to speed up the process of the prototype creation.

To fulfill the project task, each student worked with a separate engineering system. Each engineering system was divided into models in correspondence with the Russian specification documents. As a result of the project the digital information models were created for heating, water supply and disposal, supply and extract ventilation systems.

The student simulation project not only gave its participants the practical experience in applying software and digital modeling, but also in decision making and generating project solutions.





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