Summer School final session 27 August 2020

The final session of thе Summer School 2020 was conducted as a live session on campus at the LAB University of Applied Sciences and an online Teams meeting with participants and staff in Russia and Finland.

The aim of the Civil Engineering Summer School in LAB University of Applied Sciences is to offer summer work places to students and at the same time, students can learn actual themes more deeply. The main work was to handle civil engineering development projects offered by clients who are mostly teachers and staff of the LAB University of Applied Sciences.  This year one of the main clients was BIM-ICE  development project (

Nikifor Sedovin, the foreman of the Summer School, opened the session and told about the arrangements and students’ projects. The Summer School was organized online due to the coronavirus pandemic, but all the work could easily be done via MS Teams, such as daily meetings, webinars, file sharing or workflow control.

The main task in the Summer School was BIM modelling. The students were given individual tasks, for example  architectural and structural modelling  of houses, drone and laser scanning and developing self learning materials from BIM tools.  Every student participated also  in open BIM design projects in  which they produced models  and used open BIM communication tools in project groups. Every student presented the main results during the final session.  Eleven students worked in the Summer school.

The students also created a YouTube channel, a Summer School magazine and did some side tasks so, as our BIM specialist, Senior Lecturer Timo Lehtoviita said, they have been very active, and the quality of this Summer School is very high. Results can be applied in the BIM-ICE project and lot of information needs to be implemented.

Foreman of the Summer School Nikifor Sedovin and BIM Specialist Timo Lehtoviita from LAB University of Applied Sciences
Timo Lehtoviita, Kimmo Liimatainen, Leonid Vasilev, Daria Kravtcova, Nikifor Sedovin, Jarno Rautiainen.
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