Results of the BIM-Championship 2021 at SPbGASU

From October 11 to November 8, the BIM-Championship was held at SPbGASU. Seven teams representing the Russian universities took part in it: SPbGASU, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU), Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (NNGASU), Samara Polytech (SSTU), Ivanovo State Polytechnical University (ISPU), Industrial University of Tyumen (IUT) and South Ural State University (SUSU).

✔ The task of the participants was to design the building of the transport interchange hub in St. Petersburg and to create its information model.

Each team consisted of an architect, structural engineer, heating engineer, ventilation engineer, water supply and sanitation engineer, BIM-coordinator, construction management engineer, and estimator. The SPbGASU team won the Championship.

“The Championship gave students the opportunity to solve the problem of real design, to feel the professional atmosphere. While working on the project, everyone showed their ability to solve standard and non-standard situations. Students were able to assess their strong and weak sides, identify or change their area of ​​interest. This will definitely help them to develop, prioritize their further studies and choose their future job,” commented Angelina Rybakova, senior lecturer, Department of Information Systems, Technologies and Automation in Construction, MGSU.

In the team standings, the places were distributed as follows:

1st place: Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering  (Team project presentation)

Architectural part by SPbGASU team

2nd place: Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Team project presentation)

Visualization part by NNGASU-team

3 место: South Ural State University (Team project presentation)

Final presentation of students’ projects

Individual winners in the categories were also announced. The BIM-ICE project team from SPbGASU Iurii Stolbikhin, Inna Sukhanova, Igor Ivanov and Denis Nizhegorodtsev took part in organizing and evaluating student projects, while representatives of the LAB University of Applied Sciences Timo Lehtoviita and Jarno Rautiainen were actively involved in discussing and final presentation of the projects.

Closing Ceremony of the BIM-Championship in November 2021

The BIM-ICE Project team warmly congratulates SPbGASU students with a new victory and wishes them further BIM success!

Text & photos: Svetlana Petrova