A course on inventory modeling

A course on inventory modeling was held at LAB University of Applied Sciences 4 – 5 November 2021.  Timo Lehtoviita gave a lecture on BIM philosophy in renovating, and the aim of the rest of the course was to introduce inventory modeling from different point of views.

Project engineer Tuomas Keränen introduced laser scanning and how it is performed in practice on building sites; also different programs how to utilize point clouds in laser scanning were introduced.













Mikko Mattinen and Jani Paappanen from our partner company Lappeenrannan toimitilat Oy (LATO) told that even though they already use BIM and inventory models at work, it is essential to get more information on laser scanning.  New renovation projects, such as a day care centre and the library) are about to start soon, and it is important that correct and up-to-date information will be given to the building designer.