BIM-ICE Summer School 2021 results: OpenBIM workflow for designing process and BIM based quantity management

Summer is turning to Autumn and it is time see this year’s results from the BIM Summer School organised between 7 June and 24 August 2021. Summer school had one Finnish student and three Russian students.

This year LAB University of Applied sciences had the first students from SPbGASU working for the Summer School in BIM-ICE-Project. We are looking forward to promote and encourage collaboration in the future.

The focus with results is on two cases.  First the OpenBIM workflow task with SPbGASU students and second the use case assignment with one of the Finnish partner companies.

The OpenBIM workflow task was performed in relatively short time. Students work as a team designing the water supply and sewerage system and created their own component families to fit the facility given through Trimble Connect.

The results were combined in Trimble Connect and Tridify
Component families were designed in Autodesk Revit . All were combined as IFC.models in Trimble Connect with Architectural and structural model.
Pumping room made to ensure water pressure in a facility where students were designing their water supply and sewerage systems to.

The use case of bill of quantities took a glimpse on BIM based quantity management process and its different phases. The process in practice was evaluated together with Finnish Common BIM requirements resulting with a swim lane chart and a table to define the process. The use case was carried out with a Finnish partner Rakennusliike U. Lipsanen and we are looking forward to work together in new development work.

Text and pictures: Elisa Ruotsalainen, LAB University of Applied Sciences