Summer School on BIM started in LAB

The BIM-ICE Summer school has kicked off for 2021. The summer school last year was a success and students are eager to take on new BIM development tasks. The Summer School supports the objectives of the BIM-ICE project by testing new technologies, software or working practices as a part of real building projects. Elisa Ruotsalainen will be working as a project assistant for the summer in the project.

The summer school has three students participating from Russia and one from Finland. The work team is combined forces of construction engineering and water supply and sewerage engineering, collaborating also with the mechanical engineering summer school.

— We work in open BIM workflow. In our first BIM related assignments we are using common data environment Trimble Connect to combine building information models together and take a closer look on Tridify and information take-off from quantity management point of view. We are also taking a look on creating component families and on point cloud intake on Revit, Elisa opens the current work tasks.

The BIM-ICE Summer School is organised between 7 June and 27 August, 2021.

Summer school manager in the BIM studio
Elisa Ruotsalainen showcasing an information model in Trimble Connect online in the BIM studio in LAB campus, Lappeenranta.