Joint project work course in LAB and SPbGASU

LAB University of Applied Sciences carried out a project work course with students during spring 2021 as part of BIM-ICE project activities.

For the first time, the course included cross-border collaboration with students from Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPbGASU), and the course was implemented remotely.

After completing the course, the student understands the workflow of BIM-based projects, knows how to carry out BIM-based design and how to use models to, for example, quantity take-off and cost estimation.

Finnish civil engineering students composed digital models of their building design in a simulated construction project. Russian students worked as experts for HVAC and created their respective design models. Students worked in groups and produced their models according to OpenBIM, in IFC-compliant format. Models were fit together in different software and used for communication and quality assurance.








The models were later connected with street models made by infrastructure students and converted into municipalities coordinate system for AR piloting.

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