The first partner meeting 11 March 2021

The first network meeting with BIM-ICE  collaborators was held on 11 March 2021 as an online session and gathered representatives from seven partner companies from Russia and Finland.

The idea of the network was to establish a cross-border network that consists of a group of experts from Finnish and Russian universities and companies in order to define the needs of BIM-education and hear insights for education plans.

After welcoming words by Project Manager Eliisa Punttila,







the meeting was hosted by BIM specialist Timo Lehtoviita (LAB University of Applied Sciences).

Our collaborators introduced their companies and how they are involved in the BIM-ICE project. The companies are working either in construction, planning or software design. Maksim Kozmenko from AMCAD told that AMCAD a tech consulting company that specializes in supplying and integrating software solutions for the needs of manufacturers, constructors, designers, and, for example, in machine building.

According to Olga Lubartseva, Metropolis company specializes in the design of structural and engineering solutions, especially sports facilities, commercial, residential, and cultural complexes, so it has been working with buildings rather than cities. Metropolis has completed nearly 500 projects and has a vast experience in BIM, which has been in use since 2008.

BIM Manager Vladimir Danilov ROSECO Ldt, gave a presentation of ROSECO Ltd and mentioned an interesting fact that the company has taken part in a renovation project of The Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius in the city Sergiyev Posad near Moscow. The company was then selected as a finalist in the AEC Excellence Awards in the infrastructure design – small project category.  

Established in 2015, Sova3D develops 3D publishing tools for, e.g. construction companies and municipalities. The founder of the company Petri Kokko M.Sc (Arch)  introduced also KUNTA3D, which is an open web service for publishing 3D city models. Sova3D is currently looking for partners in Russia and is also interested in taking part in trainings.

Jani Paappanen, Project Engineer and BIM Coordinator/ BIM Manager introduced our latest partner, Lappeenrannan toimitilat Oy, which constructs, manages, rents and maintains different commercial, service and industrial facilities. They also have experience in open BIM.

CEO Jarkko Sireeni, introduced xdTwin which is working in the field of city planning, architecture, and infrastructure among other functions.

YIT’s Development Director Juha Rissanen from said that their goal is to start a project with students.  Collaborators were also interested in use-case definitions, for example, how BIM can be used when booking areas for ventilation holes. It was also discussed about MOOC, the open platform for publishing self-learning material about BIM.

The 4th International Online BIMAC conference BIM in construction & architecture is organised in April by SPbGASU.

We are also looking forward to the next meeting with our collaborators in May 2021!

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