BIM on ICE Case Championship – Successful BIM Pilot Project with Students within BIM-ICE Project

BIM on ICE Case Championship – Successful BIM Pilot Project with Students within BIM-ICE Project

BIM on ICE Case Championship ( was launched in 2020 and starting from April 2020 was realized within BIM-ICE Project WP2. Main partner of the event is the Metropolis Company (

Objectives of the case championship:

  1. Training in close cooperation with the employer and in accordance with the set requirements
  2. Practice-oriented and interdisciplinary learning
  3. Developing skills in information modeling
  4. Simulation of a real production situation
  5. Teamwork
  6. Opportunity for personal and professional growth

The case championship participants were divided in teams and prepared the design of an ice complex for training and local competitions of hockey teams. Also, the facility should include areas of public catering and a sports and recreation center.

Each team consisted of an architect, a designer, a water supply and sewerage specialist, an HVAC specialist and a PCE (project chief engineer). A clear division by professional competence brought the participants as close as possible to the real design process, made it possible to gain experience in teamwork and put up a show of a real production situation. The PCE competence was introduced by Metropolis Company, this student was not only the nominal team captain, but also carried out full coordination of the team work throughout during the design period.

On July 14, 2020 the final stage of the BIM on Ice case championship ended – the projects were defended. 5 teams reached the final. Projects were protected remotely using the ZOOM platform. All participants demonstrated a high level of qualifications and the ability to work in a team. Graduate and senior students showed different approaches not only to the design and decision-making process, but also to the presentation of their projects. The jury consisting of experts from Metropolis and SPbGASU assessed the projects based on the presentation results and the quality design.

Five BIM-ICE experts were involved in the case championship and became the members of the jury: Inna Sukhanova, Iurii Stolbikhin, Igor Ivanov, Kirill Sukhanov and Svyatoslav Fedorov.  Marina Malyutina, BIM-ICE expert, was responsible for organization and PR of the event.

On October 8, 2020 Saint Petersburg State University hosted an award ceremony for the case championship winners:

1st place – GASU development and systems

2nd place – Kamadevis and Smart Choice

3rd place – ECO Engineering

4th place – 5FIVE

The winners received not only prizes and memorable gifts, but also the opportunity to use the materials accumulated during the case championship in their graduation projects and to undergo practical training and internship in the company with the employment prospect.

Victor Kan, a graduate of the Master’s degree program at the SPbGASU Automobile and Road Building Faculty, shared his impressions:

“I think we coped well with the tasks set very well. I am also happy for the students who study at SPbGASU. I entered SPbGASU in 2010 and I can see how the university is developing, how much it has stepped forward in ten years. We studied AutoCAD, now it’s Revit, BIM-design. BIM is the future. I want to thank the Company and the University for organizing the case championship. It was a unique experience!”

Director General of Metropolis Company Alexander Vorozhbitov and Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of SPbGASU Svetlana Golovina greeted the winners and participants and congratulated them on their successful results.

“Working with Metropolis Company is a good experience, a good contribution to the future of our students. We thank the company and the participants for the work done. Such events are extremely valuable for students as they provide an opportunity for direct interaction with the industry representatives. In the future, we plan to continue cooperation with Metropolis in this sphere,” said Svetlana Golovina, highlighting the importance of such case projects for students which give the opportunity to ensure the interaction between the present and future professionals.

The experts of the Metropolis Company were pleased with the quality of the presentation of the material, the activity and the sincere interest of the SPbGASU students.

“Everyone who made it to the finals was great. They already are one step ahead of the rest,” said Alexander Vorozhbitov, Director General of Metropolis.

The Metropolis Company specializes in the design of structural and engineering solutions and general design in partnership with leading Russian and international companies in the civil engineering segment. In 2020, the Company was recognized as the BIM Leader of the Year in Russia. A long-term contract for five years has been signed between SPbGASU and Metropolis.

After the awarding ceremony a new cooperation agreement within the framework of the BIM-ICE project was signed between SPbGASU and Metropolis.

We congratulate all the BIM on ICE participants on successful results of the case championship and wish them further professional achievements! We also thank the Metropolis Company for cooperation and participation in the championship organization.

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